Paying invoices on time is our customers’ responsibility. There are steps:

  1. Our automated system sends invoices 7 days before the due date;
  2. Clients are able to pay outstanding invoices via Credit Cards, PayPal, Bitcoins or Paysera / WebMoney / CashU / Bank transfer.

If invoices are not paid until:

  1. 1 day after due date – services are suspended;
  2. 2 days after due date –  USD 1.19 / AZN 2.99 / EUR 1 late fee is added;
  3. 3 days after due date – services are terminated;
  4. 7 days after due date – services are deleted beyond recovering.

Attention #1: If invoice paid during service suspension time our system will automatically re-enable it after successful payment.

Attention #2: All terminated servers are deleted from our system without possibility of recovering them.

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